Languir me fault



Format: high resolution 44.1 kHz, a bit depth of 16 bits

In this day and age, we demand that progress be continuous, with nothing to slow us down and no limits. Those magnificent “progressive destinies” that so disheartened Leopardi submerge us and we are starting to lose contact with those precious things of the past that gave such joy. Things like sitting around a table to sing and play, commenting on a piece of music and allowing it to become a vital part of our daily lives. This homely, friendly aspect of music is the central theme of this recording where we have described the course of a complete day, from darkness to darkness, almost as a metaphor for the life of man. In the sixteenth century, not only great musical masterpieces but also compositions of simpler derivation were made accessible to a wider public than in the previous century thanks to a widespread printing of books. The lute became enormously popular with thousands of musical excerpts printed and published in the whole of Europe.




Francesco Antonio Bonporti

Notti di Modena

Circumdederunt me