Francesco Antonio Bonporti



Format: high resolution 44.1 kHz, a bit depth of 16 bits

Very little is known about the life and works of Francesco Antonio Bonporti, one of the most enigmatic figures in the world of eighteenth-century Italian instrumental music. The originality of Bonporti’s melodic and harmonic language did not fail to attract the attention of one of the most illustrious composers of his time, Johann Sebastian Bach, who personally transcribed for harpsichord four of the Invenzioni of his opus X. Opus Xll, Concertini e Serenate, represents Bonporti’s last musical production and, with their wealth of modes and forms that fully express the fruit of an entire life’s work, offer an exemplary conclusion to the artistic itinerary of this singular composer. The interpretation, which was intended to be closely guided by philological precision, is in some sense inspired by the love the performers felt for the work, which refuses to give itself over to a unilateral vision of the piece even in the choice of instruments.




Cantar bastardo

Tra il tramonto e l’alba

Organo in concerto