Liquide perle



Format: high resolution 44.1 kHz, a bit depth of 16 bits

A city on a distant hill represented freedom for Renzo in the Italian novel, The Betrothed. The city in question was Bergamo, in the proud territory of Veneto. There, Tramaglino hoped to put his endangered life beyond risk. And yet even the author of this classic tale, Alessandro Manzoni, was unaware that Giovanni Antonio Terzi, the prince of Italian lutenists, was alive and living in the city in the very period in which his story is set. Little evidence remains of the fact today, and little attention has been paid to his existence in the intervening years, yet Terzi was without doubt one of the best-known and the greatest Italian lutenists of the sixteenth century. The history of this excellent CD is mingled with that of a bizarre personality with a musical soul. A mysterious man, who came from and vanished into nowhere, contributed to the beauty of this production, leaving us a recording that leaves one totally speechless. While working on the editing of this project in spring 2003 something very special happened to Marco Mencoboni  This special story, called Liquide perle and strictly connected to the contents of this cd, will be included in different languages with the download of the cd.




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