Cantar bastardo



Format: high resolution 44.1 kHz, a bit depth of 16 bits

This album will be warmly welcomed by all connoisseurs of sixteenth-century music who also look for an element of innovation in a recording, for the interpretations featured here belong to a new category of performance practice and perfectly reflect a fresh, alternative approach informed by ideas of taste and stylistic appropriateness. The chosen repertory, meanwhile, offers listeners a representative selection of the enormous diversity of music produced throughout the course of the century – individual pieces have been selected not by theme, composer or genre, but for programmatic reasons, because they are all suited to the performance style in question. The focus here, then, is on the solo voice with viol accompaniment – a style that culminated in the emergence of monody with basso continuo – and the album sets out to illustrate the various aspects of this particular form of music-making, known as cantar alla viola (singing to the viol). 




O dulcissima Maria

Languir me fault

Si’ dolce è il tormento