Cantar Lontano 12/2013 EN: Intensely Icaro Incauto
Subject: Cantar Lontano 12/2013 EN: Intensely Icaro Incauto
Send date: 2013-11-11 12:13:48
Issue #: 32
head12_13.jpg Cantar Lontano - Newsletter #12/2013
Intensely Icaro Incauto


"The fascination of this sung farewell
– with texts rich in metaphorical references to the classical myth – swelled among the large audience ever since the artists entered the church
and reached silently the central position,
in keeping with the theme of inspired memory. Then it was up to music
and singing: in the deliberate concertante cross-reference of the voices, [...] the notes shone through with evocative echo and soft contrapuntal effects in the well-studied correspondence of music and text.
Our performers were extremely good,
as usual."

Fabio Brisighelli
from Corriere adriatico 26 October 2013

MM: … «Isn’t it a nice surprise having a bit of music on the bus? You could use some background music...»
Driver: «Actually we have it [the radio]. Can you hear it? Or is theirs better?»
MM: «16th-century madrigals are better, right??»
Driver: «Much better. Let those guys sing. We’re going to the cemetery anyway. It’s very fitting.»

From the flash mob of 24 October 2013
(The bus driver was seen at the concert: penultimate row, central benches)

I numeri di Icaro Incauto:
9 madrigals performed, 8 singers, 5 instrumentalists, 2 sopranos, 1 alto, 2 tenors, 2 baritones, 1 bass, 1 conductor, 13 portions of dried cod cooked in the Ancona way (1 each), 1 violin, 1 cello, 1 cornetto, 2 viola, various coffees before rehearsals, litres of wine (after the concert), around 288 km in 4 days, 2 flash mobs at the university, 3 flash mobs on the bus, 35 emails sent from the church sacristy, as many received (in the church sacristy), 140 minutes of video footage, 3 operators, 150 gigabyte full HD footage, 1 sound technician, 65 minutes of concert, 2 flights of stairs (30 steps each) to reach the church (up and down about 4 times a day), approximately 6 minutes of news coverage, more than 450 spectators, 1 encore, 5 minutes of final applause.

We thank all the people who joined us and those who would have liked to be there but couldn’t!

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